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TMI is a pioneer in the area of effective time management and continues to be a recognised expert in the field.  Among TMI's key contributions has been the championing of an overt 'decision base' (along the lines of today's KPIs,) to plan and prioritise tasks. Similarly, TMI was among the first to introduce the concept of linking organisational strategy with what employees actually do on a day-to-day basis. 

TMI offers in-house training to organisations as well as a limited number of public courses.  While the paper-based Time Manager® materials which were revolutionary in the 70s are still available via our on-line shop (see link below), nowadays our training uses Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes as the implementation tool.

Who should attend?

At a fundamental level, our workshops are designed to help those currently feeling overloaded regain control.  However our focus on the importance of the next 24 hours, in addition to longer term planning, ensures that even the most organised will leave the session with an action plan to achieve even more from each day.

"PDS Group love the way the basic principles of the Time Manager course provide a framework for the whole company to work together in providing appropriate resource allocation and managing time. The principles of the course have allowed us to be more effective and efficient with our time as both business and individual KPI's can be clearly communicated and tracked.  Every PDS Group office employee undertakes the programme when they commence employment."
Andrew Suttle, Director
PDS Group, Melbourne, Australia 

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