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Branded Customer Service

PathwaysOrganisations are increasingly coming to understand that generic service, (even 'good' generic service) is not sufficient to stand out and succeed in today's competitive marketplace. Rather customers evaluate organisations and choose to remain loyal or not on the basis of whether the experience provided is 'on brand' or 'off brand'. That is, aligned with their expectations based on what the brand promises via its advertising, price point, shopfront appearance etc.

The market continues to show that the most successful companies are those whose unique brand values infuse every aspect of their operation, importantly including their people.

As Richard Branson, founder of Virgin put it, "Nothing seems more obvious to me than that a product or service only becomes a brand when it is imbued with profound values that translate into fact and feeling that employees can project and customers can embrace."

TMI have been at the centre of development in this area both in terms of thought leadership and also importantly the practical application of the concept for individual organisations.

Contact us to find out how to effectively apply a branded model of customer service to your business.

Branded Customer Service – The New Competitive Edge – A book by TMI Directors, Janelle Barlow and Paul Stewart

Branded Customer Service, a groundbreaking book by TMI Directors, Janelle Barlow and Paul Stewart shows service organizations how to successfully leverage the power of brands - Something which until now has been largely the domain of product-based organisations.

Your brand, your reputation is shaped by the myriad of experiences customers have with your organization. By creating on-brand experiences that match the expectations created through brand promises, you can not only magnify your brand, but you can build the trust of your customers - one of the most important, yet elusive dimensions of consumers' relationships with organizations.

With the help of this book learn how to:

  • Unleash the full potential of your brand
  • Make customer service so distinct that it has as much power as your brand idea possesses
  • Personalize and reinforce your brand through staff / customer interactions
  • Support your brand from within by management behaviour
  • Link brand propositions to selling style and messages
  • Imbed on-brand service into your organizational DNA through human resource policies, brand champions, and culture alignment
  • Create a customer-oriented framework by which to hire, induct, and develop staff
  • Communicate internally to ensure the brand resonates within your organisation

Branded Customer Service – The New Competitive Edge is easy-to read being filled with entertaining examples of both on brand and off brand service that provide inspiration and motivation.  The book also contains a toolbox of practical exercises and strategies for immediately integrating branded customer service into your organization.

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How to Define a Branded Customer Service Pathway

Typically the helping clients become on-brand organisations involves focus on five distinct but inter-related steps:

   1. Define
   2. Measure
   3. Communicate
   4. Manage
   5. Engage

Brand DNA Blueprint

Take the first step on the pathway by defining the blueprint for your brand experience

Brand DNA

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"Thank you for choosing to fly with us. Now let's face it, we're much nicer, we're more glamorous and we're not orange." Cabin Crew announcement on arrival.

If you ran the airline whose cabin crew supervisor announced our arrival with this flamboyant statement, would you praise or challenge this employee? A cute and memorable expression of brand personality or just a stupid, cheeky remark?

More Ideas and Research on Branded Customer Service

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