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Customer Centred Culture

Organisations build brands, customers buy brands, but it's the people who work at the 'front-line' that actually deliver them.

TMI has been working both in Australia and globally with a range of organisations to partner with them to develop a branded culture and customer experience that places the customer at the centre of everything they do.

We transform organisations by effecting positive change to drive results through people.

Creating a high performance culture through Strategy Deployment

An overwhelming number of company leaders are often frustrated that they spend huge amounts of time, effort and money on creating a strategic vision and plan that more often than not does not achieve what it set out to do.
Strategy Deployment is used to align targets and means through­out the organisation. Everyone knows their place and how they fit into the “big picture” from Strategic Plan to Point of Impact...


Working with the Generations

Today’s workplaces are becoming increasingly multi-generational. As a consequence, “Making Generations X, Y & Zoomers Happy at Work” is emerging as an important and critical factor for success. 

We need to add “generational awareness” to our skill set and be able to understand and appreciate different generations’ attitudes, values and preferences. We need to improve our relationships and increase the effectiveness of our communication with the different generations in and beyond the workplace.

Leaders must be adaptable to the differences between Generations X, Y & Zoomers and must develop the competence of “multi-generational agility”.


Complaints Strategy

TMI has over a decade of experience working with clients across a range of industries developing and re-engineering their complaints handling strategies, culture and processes.


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